Our strong Project Management Team is skilled in project planning, friendly coordination, teamwork and control techniques, quick decision making, adhering to strict deadlines, risk management, providing end-to-end support at single point contact for every project.

Industry Expertize

  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Business and FINANCE
  • Travel and tourisum
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Technical and Engineering
  • Website Localization

IPI focus on Client needs, It makes us exceptional

  • Quality Services
  • Affordable rates
  • Expert guidance
  • Speedy delivery
  • Finalized output
  • We provide all-round problem-solving solutions
  • We adopt a Total Quality approach

Privacy and confidentiality policy

Data handling and protection Personal and / or sensitive proprietary data, whether in hard copy or electronic format, are protected from unauthorized disclosure in order to prevent privacy violations.

Sensitive /personal data is used on a “ need to know “basis. This means that it is not shared with , disclosed or sent to those who do not need it to perform their duties . The data cannot be disclosed outside the company Or to third parties without prior and explicit authorization.

Physical security measure also concern organizational procedures and tools used to ensure data integrity and retention in the event of extraordinary events.